Thursday 30th March
Folk - Judy Cook

Judy Cook is in the business of traditional folk songs. She researches them, she finds them, she sings them, she shares them. She is from Maryland, Virginia, and most of her songs are American ballads, which she sings unaccompanied. They are tales of times past. One sister murders another by pushing her in the river, and a miller fishes out the body with a pole. A jealous father shoots his daughter’s young lover. A soldier dies in his mother’s arms during the American Civil War. She sings of ghosts and lumbermen, soldier boys and fisherwomen.

Judy has been singing professionally since the early nineties, and for all that time she has been touring both the UK and the USA. She has released two albums of her work If You Sing Songs and Far from the Lowlands. She arrives in Lewes highly recommended by her contemporaries. “Judy Cook is one of the finest exponents of ballad singing that the current American folk music revival has produced. I'd go and listen to her anytime and anywhere,” says Lou Killen. “Right up front with no affectation she just opens up and tells the story,” comments Sara Gray. Peggy Seeger, ‘the First Lady of Folk’, is the most succinct. “Judy's the Real Thing,” she raves. “With Capital Letters.”

Lonesome pine… Judy Cook in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
The Royal Oak, Station St, Lewes
When? 8pm
How Much? £4.50
Folk at the Oak
(t) 01273 478124