Saturday 1st April
Food - Grange Gardens Café

I call it a café, but it’s more of a takeaway really. In fact, even that is pushing it, because it’s no more than a hole in the wall, with no tables or seating of its own. Walk through the gardens in the winter, and you wouldn’t even know it had ever been there. But luckily for us it is, and it re-opens again today. And when the staff do re-open the hatch, after a well-deserved winter break, they’ll see that much has gone on in the adjoining Grange Gardens. For a start, they will (as reported back in issue five) be staring at a new patch of neatly mown grass and not the tulip tree that had stood on the spot for the best part of 300 years. They will also discover that they have some new neighbours to get along with, as what was Star Gallery 2, has become a permanent showroom for the creative efforts of the craftspeople from the Sussex Guild.

But why are we so keen on a humble takeaway hatch I hear you cry? Well I’ll tell you in two simple words: china cups. They treat you like adults you see. Just approach the hatch, order your drink and choose a bit of bench/wall/grass to settle down upon. Sip slowly while taking in the beautiful surroundings. For an even better experience have a cake - or a sandwich. Two last things: firstly, if you can, avoid the after school rush, and secondly, take your china cup back.

Spring awakening: tea will be served from April 1st
Grange Gardens, Southover Road, Lewes
When? 10am-5pm daily
How Much? Great Value