Saturday 1st April

Photographic Exhibition - In to the Negative

If you’ve been planning to get along to this excellent exhibition but still haven’t quite managed to find the time, we suggest you get your skates on, because its eleven-week showing at the Barbican Museum comes to an end tomorrow. The images on show are in fact only a mere fraction of the museums immense black and white photo collection, which now numbers in excess of 100,000 images. The vast majority of these were taken back in the early photographic boom-time of the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century. The photographers were a group of enthusiastic locals, including a certain Mr Reeves, whose descendants still run a successful photographic studio on the town’s High Street, within yards of the exhibition entrance. In the exhibition you are shown a varied selection of photographs from the time, carefully selected to allow a fascinating peek into the lives of the previous inhabitants of our town. The images on show cover all aspects of what was then daily Lewes life in Victorian England, as well as capturing some of the more formal events of the era.

Photographic techniques have of course moved on in leaps and bounds since Victorian times. These technological strides have allowed the museum's curators to look more deeply into the images by making high quality enlargements of the originals. This technique immediately brings unseen details to the fore. The blown up images, which are shown alongside the original work, are both amusing and intriguing, as long forgotten expressions, costumes, buildings and the finest day to day details spring back in to life.

Lewes in its pre-Tesco heyday
The Barbican Museum, Lewes
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