Saturday 1st April
Farmers' Market

In 1964 there were 12 butchers' shops in Lewes. Since the two supermarkets arrived, only two survive. The cattle market, once a central part of Lewes life, has closed down. There has been a dramatic decline in bakers and greengrocers, with the Swanborough Nurseries in Fisher Street being the latest casualty. These closures have knock-on effects on the local economy. Local shops tend to use local producers. When they close down, these producers lose their main market. Now Tesco want to supersize themselves, we are likely to see the same thing happen with other shops. Clothes shops, stationery shops, toy shops and record shops are under threat.

It’s the first Saturday of the week, which means the Farmers’ Market is going to fill the precinct again with its stalls selling local produce. There has never been a more important time to support this cause. Using the market keeps money in the local economy, as does using local shops. We believe that buying produce from Tesco takes the money out of the local economy and into the coffers of a business which is expanding far too fast, and actually damaging local economies all over the country (and increasingly, all over other countries, too). We understand that it is difficult in the modern age not to use supermarkets. But we are thinking long and hard about our shopping habits, and we suggest, if you are not already doing so, that you do the same.

Spuds we like: organic, local and they taste of potato
Cliffe Precinct, Lewes
When? 9am-1pm
Lewes Farmers Market
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