Saturday 1st April
Historical Talk - Simon de Montfort and his Vale Wives

Most Lewesians are aware that Simon de Montfort’s military career peaked with the capture of King Henry III on May 14th, 1264 during the Battle of Lewes; and ended with his death on August 4th 1265 at the spectacularly less successful Battle of Evesham. Today’s talk, given by locally born academic, Professor Eva Swivel, traces her fascinating and potentially explosive theory that De Montfort, during the period of his ultimately unsuccessful marriage to Henry’s sister Eleanor, also sired several illegimate children in the Lewes area. Some of the descendants of this forgotten bloodline are still in the area, and Prof. Swivel intends to reveal the names of those families still living, in some cases very prominently, in the villages of the Lewes area.

In what promises to be a highly controversial end to her talk, the professor has informed us that she intends to produce a family tree that contends that the rightful heir to the throne of England is living amongst us in the town. Most contentiously, she intends to introduce that person to the audience, who will then be encouraged to ceremonially ‘storm’ Lewes Castle, as the first act of an intriguing plan to replace our current monarch with the ‘rightful heir’ in time for the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. Bizarre.

Knight rider: Simon de Montfort might be in your genes…
The Battle of Lewes Viewing Site, Lewes Castle
When? 11am (‘storming’ at NOON)
How Much? Off with her head?
Vale Wives:
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