Saturday 1st April
South Coast - Half Marathon

I’ve carbo-loaded, hydrated properly, placed Vaseline on the ‘friction zones’ and chosen decent running shoes. But still my leg muscles, starved of oxygen, feel fit to burst and are desperately trying to make me stop. I’m shuffling along like ‘Verbal’ in The Usual Suspects strapped to a chain gang. Every breath feels like it’s my last. I can see the half marathon finishing line – I’ve been able to see it for ages, but I’m starting to think that someone is moving it backwards. Then suddenly I’m there, through the line, in the funnel, medal around my neck. I’m offered water, and tip it gratefully over my head as my heart beat slowly comes down from 220. My lungs choose not to burst, and I move, more freely now, to the zone where my bag awaits. Sure I’m in pain, and will be for days, but I finished, succeeding with what I’d set out to do. Sure there were people ahead of me - there were thousands ahead of me, but to me, it was like I’d won. Running hurts, but it’s a magnificently satisfying pain. Next time the marathon…

Today, thousands of Sussex folk will watch thousands of others take part in the South Coast half marathon, 10k and 5k around a circular course through the streets of Seaford. Get along to watch, put your loose change in the charity boxes, and if you’re not fit enough to get a late entry in, plan to run next time.

Martello Tower area, Seaford
When? 10k & 5k 9am; - Half Marathon 10am
How Much? £2 parking fee (goes to charity)
Half Marathon
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