Saturday 1st April

Rock Covers - David Golden

I ring the Snowdrop and ask who’s playing tonight. Mick, the landlord, tells me it’s a guy called Dave Golden, but he can’t find his number so I google the name and enter This guy looks good. He’s an American selling out his current tour, mainly in the blue- collar cities of the north-east United States. He plays acoustic guitar, unaccompanied and very well. He’s big in New York and recently wrote an award-winning film score. This guy jams with Lauryn Hill and “Sounds like Dylan” according to one critic, so the Snowdrop has pulled off a bit of a coup here…

An hour later, I re-tap Dave Golden and up he pops again. He’s still thirty-something and he’s still holding an acoustic guitar – but suddenly he hasn’t written a film score, and in his version, he’s British and hails from Brighton. He also now calls himself David. It’s getting easier to spot who’s who - because our David Golden is not influenced by Dylan, he’s influenced by Elvis Costello – who is, oh hang on, heavily influenced by Dylan. Expect a covers set including tracks from Squeeze, Oasis, Joe Jackson, the Beatles and the Jam. Don’t expect the American Golden, he’s practicing for his gig with Rufus Wainwright III in New Orleans next week. So forget the American and get behind our man, altogether now: “One David Golden; there’s only one David Golden”…

Golden in Silence
The Snowdrop, South St, Lewes
When? 9pm
How Much? Free
David Golden
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