Sunday 2nd April
Compost Workshop

It has been estimated that a third of the rubbish that goes into landfill is biodegradable and therefore usable as compost. This includes uneaten food of all sorts, peelings, eggshells, paper and cardboard. And the great thing about compost is that it isn’t rubbish. Put it on your flower bed and your flowers will grow better. If you haven’t got a garden, put it in your houseplant pots or hanging baskets. Hell, you can even give it away as a present, as long as you wrap it nicely and tell its' recipient not to open it in the living room. This afternoon the people at Common Cause, the organisation that arranges the Farmers’ Market, is offering a free workshop on composting, demonstrating how best to do it. Different sorts of households will suit different sorts of compost bins: this demonstration will help you choose the right one for you. The scheme is part of the County Council’s Compost Doctor scheme.

The workshop is taking place at 12noon and 2pm at the Highdown Allotments in Neville. Eight of the allotments are run as a shared plot by the group Common Cause, and funded by the District Council. Local people can, for a fee of £10 per family per year, have a stake in the allotment.

Brown gold: compost might not smell good but itís so
environmentally sound
Highdown Allotments, Nevill
When? 12pm and 2pm
How Much? Free
Compost Workshop
(t) 01273 476029
(t) 07914 934428