Monday 3rd April

Lewes YMCA - Easter Activities

Last year, East Sussex schools switched to a secular term timetable. As a result, the majority of this year’s spring holiday falls into the two week period before Easter. With the addition of a Bank Holiday on Easter Monday, it creates an elongated and potentially hard-to-cover nineteen-day break. One option if you are quick – and I’d call fast as spaces are limited - is the programme of events available at the Lewes YMCA on Westgate St. They offer a wide range of activities, and for the first time, this year they are also hosting separate breakfast and lunch clubs, welcome additions to the programme designed to help those with both limited childcare options to get the best part of a full day’s work in.

The Y’s programme of events is designed to be suitable for children aged 4-11 years old, and to cover a wide range of skills. Sessions take in everything from the expected – things like cooking, modelling, fitness, fun and games - through to less frequently practiced arts, such as the intriguingly titled ‘Native North Americans beads’ and ‘Totem Pole Desk Tidies’. Personally, I like the sound of Tuesday. The kids get to spend the morning exploring the finer points of black and white art, before turning their attention to design in the afternoon, when they are invited to turn a plain white t-shirt into a masterpiece with the help of a palette of paints.

We would like to point out that we made it through this entire article without making any reference to the catchy late seventies hit.

Getting stuck in: Easter fun at the YMCA
Lewes YMCA, Westgate St, Lewes
When? Daily from 8.30am
How Much? Activities £5 per session; Lunch £2; Breakfast Club £3
t) 01273 474599
(w) Website