Monday 3rd April

Family trip to The Circus

I last went to the circus in the mid 1980s, drunk, with some friends. It was an instantly sobering experience. I came away with disturbing images of caged tigers, performing monkeys and sinister-looking clowns. I remember feeling extremely sorry for the ‘star of the show’ a stressed young elephant cajoled in to performing mind-numbingly repetitive tricks. I wanted to set him free; but figured life in a two-bed house with a small garden and two cats probably wouldn’t be much better – and anyway they didn’t have an elephant flap in the pet shop.

Clearly, I wasn’t the only one uncomfortable with the performing animal routines, because a new breed of circus came to town. With the animals out of the picture, its just the circus folk now, as the Jay Miller Circus offers us an ‘all human production’. Inside the Big Top, events will be masterminded by Miss Lindsay Stockley, the UK’s only Lady Ringmaster, and amongst those waiting to cry "let me entertain you," will be the apparently enchanting Miss Charlotte and her range of ‘vertical skills’. Expect daring acts on the solo trapeze, expect ‘whirlwinds on wheels’ and expect, ‘more spectacular artistes, surprises and comedy than any other production to date’. Acts from Moldova, Romania and Hungary will perform alongside the UK’s own circus talent. Hey, the Circus sounds fun nowadays - if we could just do something about those clowns.

Overcome your clown phobia at the Jay Miller circus
Martello Fields, Seaford
When? 6pm
How Much? Today - £5.99 all seats
The Circus
(t) 07976 655180
(w) Website