Tuesday 4th April

Archaeology Afternoon

When you next go for a picnic in Grange Gardens or set up your football game in the Pells, think carefully about what is buried deep under the earth. This is the message in an Archaeology Afternoon from 2pm-4pm at Lewes Castle on 4th April. With its impressive history dating back to the Saxons and Celts, Lewes sure has plenty of treasures hidden under its turf. At this event, organized by Sussex Past, children over the age of eight are invited to meet a real archaeologist, and ask them intelligent questions (what do archeologists eat?). There is a hands-on programme showing how objects are excavated from the earth, identified and dated, and discussion as to what these things can reveal about the lifestyle of our ancestors. Information about recent digs in the Lewes area, including excavations under the new library, will make it all relevant.

As part of the session’s activities your kids will be invited to handle a selection of ancient objects from the museums collection, which includes Anglo-Saxon jewellery, a Roman helmet, bones and pottery. And you never know this introduction to archaeology might just be a turning point in your kid’s lives. Just think, they could abandon their career aspirations on the spot, forget about playing for Chelsea FC or inventing computer games there and then, and go for archeology instead. Dig it good.

Dig This: Roman tiles could be under your house..
Lewes Castle, High St, Lewes
When? 2-4pm
How Much? Included in normal admission
Sussex Past
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