Wednesday 5th April
A Cappella - Cathedral Holy Week Music

The heyday of unaccompanied, or to give it its correct title, a cappella singing came in the late sixteenth, early seventeenth century. Much of tonight’s programme, performed by the Lewes a cappella choral class, will be sourced from a period in time, when the highly-rated composers of the day were strongly attracted to the concept of creating voice-only works. Tonight will be the choir’s 10th anniversary performance of their selection of Cathedral Holy Week music, and as well as Thomas Weelkes well known Hosanna to the Son of David, we are also promised two of Marc Antonio Ingegneri’s Tenebrae responses. Other highlights on the night are likely to be the choir’s rendition of Gervase’s Salvatore Mundi and the Palm Sunday piece, Children of the Hebrews.

The well respected a cappella class has been led from the start by tutor Gregory Atkin, a man with a great musical past, including two years spent as a Gentleman of Choir with the illustrious Westminster Cathedral choir. But perhaps the most interesting fact about Mr Atkin is that, as well as dedicating his time to this group, he also finds time to work in a very different capacity as Sub Deacon of the Greek Orthodox Church in Brighton. Finally, if the thought of an a cappella feast hasn’t completely tempted you, the fact that you get to listen to beautiful music whilst admiring the inside of the Westgate Chapel should.

Marc Antonio Ingegneri: A no band man
Westgate Chapel, The Bottleneck, High St, Lewes
When? 7:30pm
How Much? Free (plus collection for the Chapel)
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