Wednesday 5th April
Talk - Ice Age theory

There is a conventional view about ice ages, which most people support. It goes like this: we are currently living in an ice age; we have been for 40 million years. Within ice ages there are temperate periods and severe periods. These are called ‘interglacial’ and ‘glacial’. During interglacial periods ice sheets diminish in size. In glacial periods they spread. We are currently in an interglacial period. We have been for about 10,000 years. Both ice ages, and the glacial/interglacial periods within them, are caused by various factors, including the atmospheric condition (notably the mixture of methane and CO2); differences in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, and the position of the continental plates relative to the poles.

This afternoon, Matthew Hepburn, secretary of astronomy group PONLAF, vehemently refutes this theory, which he considers to be Anglo-centric. He points to evidence, that has been well known for more than 100 years, and outlines a radical new explanation for ice ages. Incidentally, he promises to clear up a nagging problem in geomagnetism. He will also speak at length about global warming, a connected subject, if he is asked. It’s an important talk, then, and we are assured it won’t be pitched too far above the layman’s head.

Ice Age: a radical new theory from Matthew Hepburn
Southover Grange, Southover Road, Lewes
When? 8pm
How Much? £2.50
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