Opinion - Jason Kennedy, Corporation Villas, North Street

“As one of the few residents of the Phoenix industrial estate my perspective on the plans put forward by Angel Developments may be different to those of you who might occasionally pop down here to get your car fixed. I am generally in favour of the proposals. Admittedly it would be nicer if the overall heights were lower but I accept that the cost of creating flood defences has to be offset in some way. At the last flood defence meeting I attended the Environment Agency stated that this area and the adjacent Pells/Talbot Terrace cell would be unlikely to ever be given flood defence because the housing density is too low, and this is primarily why the estate is slowly becoming empty.

Even if that were not an issue (and clearly it is) the Phoenix Estate is the least appealing part of the town and is in dire need of improvement. I am also encouraged by the quality of work that Angel’s architect CZGW has produced in the past and feel that given adequate funding they could turn the area into one that adds significantly to the town’s appeal as a whole. The fact that the area will become so much busier is of course less appealing: at present this is a very quiet part of town out of office hours. But Lewes needs to be a dynamic place if it is to remain vital and I for one would love to see some more contemporary architecture. Let’s face it, almost anything is better than asbestos warehouses.”

Jason Kennedy: “anything’s better than asbestos warehouses”