Name: Vic Elsey.
Profession: Helping people in any way anyone needs to be helped. I’m a healer.
Best thing about Lewes? The people are special. They were the only ones to drive out the Romans, did you know that? There’s a certain tone in the air here and it’s very positive.
Worst thing about Lewes? The traffic.
Boozer? I don’t drink.
Poison? A really decent cup of tea.
Waitrose or Tesco? I think all supermarkets should be wiped off the face of the earth to allow people to go to individual shops. But because of our lifestyle they are a necessary evil.
Traffic wardens in a word? Another necessary evil.
Last parking ticket? 45 years ago.
Local lad? Not originally. I’ve been here 45 years.
Which Bonfire Society do you go to? I favour the whole lot. But I can’t go because I serve the people who work at the railway station that night. They wouldn’t work unless I gave them a three-course meal.
Newspaper? I don’t read them. I used to deliver them as a kid, and I don’t care to see another one again.
Falmer Stadium yes or no? Brighton needs a stadium, but it’s sad we need to put it on the Downs.
Favourite Lewes landmark? The Castle. It’s special. It sits up there like a lion amongst a sleeping town.
How often do you go to London or Brighton? Hardly ever.
Sunday lunch in a village pub? The Juggs was a really lovely old pub when the Browns had it. They were special people. But we didn’t look after them.
What Lewes needs like a hole in the head is… Can you imagine looking out and seeing property all over the Downs? You can’t. We need to preserve things.

Help is at hand: Vic Elsey serves up more than just tea at the
Station Café