Parking - Encounters with a warden - Number 1

Yesterday morning, at 7.54am I saw an eager young warden preparing to ticket a car, positioned on the pavement just past the parking bay by the Elephant & Castle pub. People often park there, as it’s a wide section, and doesn’t block the path - in fact a double buggy easily got past him as he went about his work. Usually the drivers return before 9am and move their cars - possibly having decided to walk home after an extra drink or two in the pub. I crossed the road and politely asked if the ticket was for blocking the pavement (which it clearly wasn’t) or for another offence. The warden told me that it was a ticket for parking on a double yellow line, because they covered the territory from the road to the nearest building. “Can you really be ticketed for parking inside the line; I never knew that” I offered. “Are you sure?” He didn’t look 100% convinced.

I voiced a second thought. "Why aren’t there any single yellow lines any more? You know the kind that allow sensible off-peak parking in places where it’s otherwise next-to-impossible to leave your car - like Lewes." “Oh yes”, he replied. “There were some, but we fixed them”. “Uh, what do you mean?” I asked. “We’re putting in proper parking spaces instead”. Then he walked off in search of more mechanical prey. Proper spaces? I guess he meant revenue-generating ones…

Seeing Red - The wardens strike again.
The narrow streets of Lewes
When? Whenever they feel like it?
How Much? £30 minimum