Photo of the Week - Jason Kennedy

Strangely, our photo of the week was sent in by the same person who wrote our opinion column this week, Jason Kennedy, who lives in one of the lovely but out-of-place cottages that are isolated at the south end of the Phoenix Industrial Estate. Jason goes against the grain of most people we have spoken to in that he is generally in favour of the development being planned by Angel Property in the industrial estate he lives in. Nevertheless, he is aware that the mushrooming of eight-storey blocks in the near vicinity is going to play havoc with the views he enjoys from his bedroom window. Thus, perhaps rather poignantly, Jason (who is, amongst other things, a professional photographer) snapped us this rather impressive sunset. “Who knows, in a few years much of the view will be blocked off,” he muses. Indeed. As ever, we welcome any of your comments, rants, photos, contributions, alerts to an event we should be covering, complaints, and offers of a pint down the pub on a Wednesday evening, when we go to press. Info@vivalewes.com is our address. We are hoping that our new opinion column (between 220 and 240 words please, subject to editing, we may ask to come and take your photo) will prove a popular sounding board. We won’t always agree with your opinions, but we will publish them if we think they’re well put.

Phoenix rising: soon this sunset won't look the same