Arts and Crafts at the All Saints

If you’re looking for holiday arts and crafts activities to keep your kids amused, try the new Smartees sessions at the All Saints Centre. Organisers Sue Barham and Mary Cleeve tell us that the classes are suitable for children from two-and-a-half through to seven. The emphasis is very much on creative art – hence the word ‘art’ in the middle of Smartees. Today’s two sessions are Easter-themed, so by the end of a highly productive one-hour slot, we predict that your kids will come away equipped with a bagful of Easter bonnets, flowers, ducks and bunny masks. It’s not a drop-off session and parents are actively encouraged to join in the fun. Expect noise, expect good design tips from professional illustrator Mary, and a free coffee and the chance to buy a nice bit of cake.

Back outside, take a moment or two to walk around the outside of the church. This best shows you how the original sixteenth century tower was developed in the nineteenth century to include its existing galleried nave and Victorian east end. Also look out for details like the quirky cat-topped totem pole and outside wall murals, giving additional style and character to the place. Finally, don’t leave without a selection of leaflets for the many other regular events the centre hosts for the wider Lewes community to enjoy. NW

Cat amongst the chickens: Easter art at the All Saints
All Saints Centre, Friars Walk, Lewes
When? 10am-11am & 11.30am-12.30pm
How Much? £5
(t) 01273 470479
(t) 01323 811494