Folk - Mark Taylor and Kevin Barber

Mark Taylor has been involved in a punk group, a Brazilian disco unit, an avant-garde noise band and a soul combo, but it’s country music that’s always made his heart pulse. “I think there are few sounds sweeter than the pedal steel, few things more white-knuckle thrilling than bluegrass fiddle,” he says. A few years back he got together with fellow Brighton performer Kevin Barber and started touring folk clubs playing what they have decided to call ‘acoustic Americana’. Or, to be more precise, according to their website, ‘Kevin and Mark perform an eclectic range of roots music, energized by driving bluegrass rhythms and tinged with melancholy Americana. Using a range of instruments: slide guitar, mandolin, banjo and lap resonator guitar, the duo have established a reputation for dynamic live performance.’ Maverick Magazine put it more simply. ‘Simple in concept and delivery: two men, two microphones and two guitars set up and play acoustic Americana.’

They have three albums under their belts: Live at the Open House, Let the Mystery Be and Lately. The latter shows a growing maturity and confidence: ten of the songs are self-penned. Listen out for Lighthouse, My Old Friend the Moon, Anabelle, Deep River Blue and Blue. Otherwise expect covers from anyone from Iris Dement to Woody Guthrie, through Robert Johnson, Slaid Cleaves and Paul Simon. AL

The grass is greener… unless it’s a bluegrass folk duo
The Royal Oak, Station St, Lewes
When? 8pm
How Much? £4.50
Folk at the Oak
(t) 01273 478124
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Mark Taylor and Kevin Barber
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