A Day in the Country… and a Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Today’s event is organised by the excellent Sussex Wildlife Trust, an organisation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the unique countryside around us. Compared to much of England, Sussex is still very green, with forest covering 17% of our area, providing us with a rich array of woodlands to explore. The Trust has a bold 50-year vision, planning to recreate wildlife-rich areas lost to intensive farming over the past century or so. They contend that a combination of less intensive and more sympathetic farming measures, coupled with more EU-wide farming competition will free up the land needed to give nature a chance to fight back.

They are hosting today’s picnic in the Seven Sisters Country Park (SSCP), one of our existing countryside treasures. As well as the picnic, we are told that there will also be a puppet show starring the animals of Friston Forest. Take food, take drink, take a blanket or two and enjoy a great morning surrounded by the trees and the animals of the type of woodland the Trust are so keen to protect and develop. We’re assured the event is suitable for anyone with a teddy bear, so dig yours out of the wardrobe and head along, armed with a honey sandwich or two. Booking is essential. NW

If you go down to the woods today: you’ll find a small proportion
of the teddies are transvestites
Visitors Centre, SSCP, Exceat, Seaford
When? 10.30am - 1pm
How Much? Adults £2; Kids £3; Family £9
Sussex Wildlife Trust
(t) 01273 497561
(w) Website