Art - Jessica Zoob

Jessica Zoob is as inspired by satellite landscapes of the world as she is by the inside of shells. “It’s amazing how nature recreates the same patterns again and again,” she says. She represents these patterns using all sorts of different media: plaster, crushed glass, antique lace, jewels, pearls, stamps, whatever she lays her hands on. And, of course, a lot of paint. She applies many layers, and then works away at them. Sometimes she has a subjective starting point, sometimes an image emerges which she works on. “People wonder whether I am an abstract painter,” she says. “But I would call myself more of a landscape painter. I am inspired by what I see in nature, then I filter it through myself.”

She is very eclectic, and highly productive. One collection is very different from another, though instantly recognisable as her work. The current collection, created especially for Flint, draws many of its influences from Lewes. She uses plaster, precious stones and fabrics to recreate the beauty she sees in the local rural and urban landscape. In the detail we are featuring (right) she has fashioned a pregnant woman, standing. “Though I don’t expect others to see what I see in the painting,” she comments. “People say to me that they like my work because they see different things in it every day. When the human eye sees something, they want to make connections. It is a little like looking at the clouds in the sky.” AL

Jessica Zoob’s History
Flint, 70 High St, Lewes
When? Tues-Sat 10am-6pm April 8th-18th
How Much? Free
Jessica Zoob
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