Cinema - Chicken Little

Zach Braff is the star voice tasked with bringing Chicken Little (CL) to life, in this cartoon following the adventures of the eponymous bigheaded little chicken. CL is suffering from low self-esteem after becoming a laughing-stock by claiming the sky was falling down, when it was in fact just an acorn landing on his head. He regains some pride by hitting the winning run in a baseball game, but at the same moment notices that the sky really is falling in. Either this, or his hometown of Oakley Oaks is about to be invaded by aliens. Either way, his dilemma is whether to risk further ridicule by warning his recent tormenters of their imminent fate.

The success of computer-generated imagery (CGI) movies, like Shrek, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles has set a new benchmark for cartoon makers to reach. CL is Disney’s first full-length in-house CGI effort, and, technically it is close to former partner Pixar’s standards. The story however, falls well short of the Disney classics we know and love. As a consequence, though it still works for kids, most adults come away disappointed. When the film premiered in the States it rated highly for effects, but badly for its plot. Steven Rea suggested, “For a movie that’s supposed to launch Disney’s official CGI era, Chicken Little doesn’t stand tall enough”. Whilst Chris Smith in Maine simply said, “Obviously, this is the source of the new bird flu”. NW

Chicken Little: large complexes from small acorns will grow
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