Talk - Karma, The Law for Change

One night, when my children had got out of bed for the millionth time, I lost my temper and went into their room and shouted at them. As I stormed out, my scalp was pulled back by a sudden violent force from above. My hair was totally entangled in the wooden airplane mobile hanging from the ceiling. It was painful and humiliating. “That was Karma,” I thought. That was, in fact, my dumbed-down Western interpretation of Karma: You do something bad and something bad happens to you - as a non-logical consequence. But, Karma is an idea as old as they get and is rather more complex than this. The philosophy represents the backbone of spiritual ideas about sin, re-birth, retribution and forgiveness, and is a highly influential part of Hindu, Buddhist and Christian belief. Karma has many interpretations. The trendy one is about taking responsibility for all your actions however small: raise yourself and you improve the world. The extremely dodgy one is about being punished for sins you committed in a previous life.

If Karma is a topic that you want to look into, then go to the Subud Centre on Sunday 9th April where you can join a lively discussion entitled “Karma, the Law of Change” led by Ravi Khanna. If the talk does your head in, then remember to look out for low hanging objects when leaving the room. JW

Sometimes Western ideas of karma arenít quite what the
Buddhists had in mind
Subud Centre, 26a Station Street, Lewes
When? 2:30-4:30pm
How Much? Free
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