Easter Activities - Terrific Tiles

I made a clay pot when I was five, and it still sits proudly in my parents’ house. It’s not the best pot ever, it wobbles, and if you ever tried to put any fluid in it, it would drain through the not insignificant hole in one side. But its porous nature wasn’t the point; just making it was the point and I can still remember my flushed feeling of pride when I presented it to my parents at home. Kids of all ages remain fascinated by the art of making ‘useful’ things, and we’re sure that today’s clay tile making activity at the castle will appeal to this creative urge.

The art of clay-tile making can be traced back at least eight thousand years, and fundamentally, the process remains the same today. Technological advances, such as glazed decoration, were then introduced a few thousand years later by the Egyptians, and the knowledge spread to Europe via the Moors invasion of Spain. However, though there is an interesting history to the process, the real meat of the session will concentrate on the fun of actually making the things. Every child will get the opportunity to design and make their own tile. Then, best of all, at the end of the session, the proud youngsters get to take their masterpieces home, where, I’m sure, the tile will be admired by themselves, their friends and all passing family members for many years to come. NW

Childs’ clay: tile painting at the castle
Lewes Castle, High St, Lewes
When? 11am-12noon & 2pm-3pm
How Much? £3 (book in advance)
Sussex Past
(t) 01273 405739
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