Wednesday 12th April
Public Meeting - Policing Lewes District

The UK’s new Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) has centralized the work of tackling terrorism, espionage, secret WMD programmes, major arms and drug trafficking. This is good news for Lewes District Police force, who have been relieved of a massive workload, and can now focus on more serious local issues: low-level anti-social behaviour, burglary and vehicle crime. On the 12th of April Sussex Police Authority are holding a public meeting to discuss crime, policing strategy and current issues in Lewes. The line-up includes Chief Inspector Bob Gough (Lewes District Commander), Carina Hinkley (Community Safety Officer), and Margery Turner (representing Lewes District Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership). They will each be giving a short presentation of their work in the past year. The figures are looking good: vehicle crime and burglary are both down by a quarter compared to last year; shoplifting is down 9% and robbery, a massive 70%. After the presentation Lewes residents are invited to ask questions. Pressing concerns they might want to address include the possible merger of Sussex and Surrey police forces, an event that may have a significant impact on Council Tax.

With its forbidding Gothic prison, Crown Court, Magistrates Court, CCTV, and active police force, it’s no wonder that Lewes’ youth keep their spray cans on the art studio shelf. In Chief Inspector Gough’s words, “criminals and yobs will continue to have a tough time in Lewes District”. JW

Dial M for (less) Murder: crime figures have gone down this year
Newick Primary School
When? 7pm
How Much? Free
Sussex Police Authority
(t) 01273 482351