Opinion - Phoenix Industrial Estate resident Tony Cox

I am one of the few Lewes residents who live on the boundary of the Phoenix Industrial Estate site and I am not happy about the proposals. It is often said that many people rarely visit the current site. I would suggest that this is a good thing as it confirms the low impact the existing site has on the town as a whole. Granted it is not pretty but is the new proposal really better? At present I enjoy wonderful views from my house (see right). Should the current proposal get planning permission, this view will be completely obliterated by a multi-storey car park that will be considerably higher than my house. I realise that I am open to accusations of being selfish but I think there would be few people, in my position, who would welcome such a development. It is difficult to believe Angel Properties when they say that they will integrate their development with existing buildings and are aware of the need to blend with the town.

Quite apart from my personal situation, I believe the proposal is for 1400 parking spaces. Many of these are to be short stay and will, therefore, generate many thousands of car journeys every day. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that Lewes will not be enhanced by this. Does that make me a 'nimby'? Damn right!

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