Artwave Art Festival 2006

Artists who wish to participate in this year’s Artwave event must register before April 19th. Lewes District Council’s annual arts festival will take place this year between August 26th and September 17th. The festival is open to any local (Lewes District) ‘maker’ (Councilese for artist or craftsman), who wishes to be included. The Council will co-ordinate the festival and produce and distribute a brochure and a poster advertising the event. In the past ‘makers’ have included corset makers and bookbinders, as well as oil painters and sculptors. Participants can exhibit their work wherever they want, whether in a gallery, open house, or outdoor space. There is no quality control to artworks which can be part of the festival - this really is art for everybody.

Everybody with a bit of cash to stump up, that is. It is a sign of the times that this is the first time in thirteen years that artists are expected to pay for the privilege of participating in Artwave. Each participant must stump up £50 to be included in the official listings. Artwave is a not-for-profit festival, but the Council have recently removed their arts development budget and got rid of the post of Arts Officer. The project co-ordinator for Artwave 2006, Paula da Luz, is hired on a part-time basis. AL

Calling all artists: The Council are looking for artists who
want to exhibit this summer
Lewes District
When? Register by April 19th
How Much? £50
(t) 01273 484497 or 484400
(e) or