Photo of the Week - Mark Mansbridge

We received this photograph from Mark Mansbridge, who enjoyed the cheekiness of the adbuster who made this advert for a 4x4 into a ‘subvert’, changing the slogan from 'ITS HARD' to 'RETARDED'. “Of course there are practical uses for such vehicles if you have a farm or work in mountain rescue,” he says. “But most 'Chelsea Tractors' never see a speck of mud.” He regales us with statistics about the anti-social nature of 4x4 vehicles. They are profligate petrol users in an age where weather patterns are undoubtedly being changed by C02 emissions. "I guess a high wheel-base is handy if we keep flooding" he says. “If ROSPA is to be believed a child is much more likely to die under one than under a conventional car so its pretty ironic to see them nose to tail on the school run. In a town where parking is difficult to come by, they also take up much too much space. If you really want a status vehicle, buy a car with a low-fuel hybrid engine and if that doesn’t satisfy your thing about size, travel on the biggest thing on the road - a bus.”

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