Easter Egg Hunting - with the National Trust

The National Trust is organising a number of Easter egg hunts this Easter weekend and a couple are within half-an-hour’s drive from Lewes. Ten miles east stands Alfriston Clergy House, the very first building purchased by the Trust back in 1896 (for just £10). It’s a small thatched half-timbered medieval building, with a chalk and sour milk floor, which commands good views across the Cuckmere Valley from its beautiful cottage garden. The garden’s rare array of traditional flowers will be starting to bloom: a bit of patient searching is likely to unearth a few bunnies and eggs, too

The Tye, Alfriston
When? 10am-5pm Daily (closed Tues & Friday)
How Much? Adult £3.25; Kids £1.60

An alternative egg-hunting venue, ten miles north of Lewes, is the wonderful Sheffield Park Garden. The term ‘Sheffield’ derives from ‘sheep field’ and the park is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. Henry VIII spent time there as the guest of Thomas Howard, the 3rd Duke of Norfolk. The grounds as we see them today were mainly laid out by Capability Brown in the 1790’s, whilst much of the flora we can see, including the exotic arboretum, was planted around the turn of the 20th century. Rest assured: your kids’ scramble for eggs will be soaked in history. NW

The revenge of the weir rabbit: Easter activities in Sheffield Park
Sheffield Park Garden, Uckfield
When? 10.30am - 6pm
How Much? Adult £6.20; Kids £3.10
National Trust:
(t) 01825 790231
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