Gig - Boho

Before I ring John May, the lead singer of Boho, I dig around the web a bit and find the band’s 2002 4-track EP New Beat Experience. So I listen to the songs. Their titles are Sometimes, Do You Want to Join the Band, My First Satellite and I Keep Waking Up in Your Dreams. I like them, and find them a little hard to categorise. There’s a folky feel to a couple of them, the others have a richer, fuller, bluesy sound. A saxophone appears, and disappears again. The lyrics are grown-up, and rather sad. Things like:
“Resurrection has its rules
Watch the party catch on fire
Preacher man and holy fools
Calling me a sinful liar.”
At first I think I detect something rather Brightony about the sound. But this isn’t quite right. Then I get it. There’s something unequivocally… Lewesy about the sound.
May used to be an NME journalist, so I try a rock-cliché opening line.
“Billy Bragg meets Alan Ginsberg in the Lewes Arms?”
Mercifully he laughs, before telling me about the band. They are celebrating their sixth anniversary. Over thirty people have played in the line-up. For years the band were the centre-piece of a resident event at the Komedia Club, dubbed the New Beat Explosion, featuring the likes of Arthur Brown and Billy Childish. He cites Dylan as a big influence. “There’s a little bit of Americana and new folk in it. Not obscure. Quite danceable… I guess it’s fair to say we’re a bit of a cult.” I’m intrigued. I’m going. See you there?

Come what May: Boho at the Oak tonight
Upstairs at the Royal Oak
When? 8pm
How Much? £3
Listen to Boho
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