Lewes Youth Council - Fundraising Egg Hunt

French youth have taken to the streets recently to successfully block a law designed to make it easier for employers to sack anyone under the age of 26. Their action proved that the refusal of a younger generation to be pushed around by their elders can still have a dramatic effect on society. In Britain the youth tend to be a little more laid back nowadays with their protest, but we do have the British Youth Council set up to reflect ‘the voice of young people in the UK’. Young people are deemed to be those under the age of 26. The organisation has a number of laudable objectives, including a respect agenda and the aim to ‘advance young people’s participation in society and civic life’.

Lewes also has a Youth Council, its members elected by their 9-16 year old peers in Lewes District schools. Last year’s opening of the skate park saw one of the YC’s projects successfully completed. This Saturday the Council is aiming to raise funds for the Pakistan Earthquake Appeal by arranging an Easter egg hunt. This one takes place in the glorious Grange Gardens. Bruditz Chocolate Shop is one of the sponsors, so expect frenzied efforts to reach the chocolates at the end. We’re assured that the event is suitable for children and adults alike. Expect to guess the weight of a cake, name a bunny and find hidden treasure. Don’t expect the kids to take to the streets, though - unless the chocolates run out. NW

Lewes Youth Council: raising money for the Pakistani
Earthquake appeal
Grange Gardens, Southover High St, Lewes
When? 2.30-4pm
How Much? Free (donate what you can)