Easter Food - Chocolate

Easter is a confusing festival. I have never been able to work out the connection between the Resurrection, rabbits and decorated eggs. Like many people, I find it really means one thing: chocolate. Lewes town centre has two shops entirely dedicated to the brown stuff. That is twice as many chocolate shops as off-licenses. Statistically that must prove that chocolate is 100% more important here than alcohol. Before you set off on a giant Easter-egg buying spree, be aware of the huge variations in quality. Cardboard packaging, ingredients such as calcium sulphate, lactose and emulsifiers are not that tasty. Chocolate is made from the roasted pulp of cacao beans in a complicated process first invented by the Aztecs as food for the Gods. Look for eggs that contain no less than 70% cocoa and are made from cocoa butter not vegetable oil. Milk is an optional extra. Bruditz, Bonne Bouche as well as Catlins, and Barefoot Herbs (who also sell raw cocoa beans) will all provide you with the perfect substance.

The rumour that women find chocolate to be an aphrodisiac has been scientifically proven to be true. It contains two “mood-lifting” agents called Phenylethylamine and Serotonin which women respond to quicker than men. Men just need to consume much more chocolate to experience its special effects. Chocolate is inappropriately cheap. So, if you can’t afford Viagra then why not try it out as a low-cost alternative. Or perhaps that’s what Easter bunny costumes are all about? JW

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