Name: ‘Catlin’ has become the name everyone calls me, and I am happy with that!
Profession: Tobacconist, confectioner.
Best thing about Lewes? Its often laid-back attitude.
Worst thing about Lewes? Its often laid-back attitude
Favourite pub? The Brewers.
What’s your poison? Ouwde Geneva gin.
Waitrose or Tesco? Waitrose is a boon, but also a curse - the fallout from its opening is felt in smaller stores from the Cliffe to the top of the town.
What do you think about traffic wardens? Too zealous. If Lewes is serious about loving the independent stores in the High St then free parking for an hour at a time should be given. It is iniquitous to give Tesco and Waitrose an unfair advantage by letting them provide free parking but then charge on the High St.
Local lad? I hail from Buick Lane and Cable St in London, but I’ve been in and around Lewes for 34 years.
Bonfire Society? Borough.
Are you pro or anti the Phoenix development? It does present an interesting range of possibilities and will give us a much-needed cinema - but the key is in the detail.
Favourite Lewes landmark? Harveys Brewery and the Martyrs’ Memorial
Your perfect Sunday afternoon? Gardening and enjoying a cigar.
What music’s in your hifi? Schubert’s String Quartet in A.
Lewes would be better if… There were better parking facilities and a cinema (sorry, All Saints is too reminiscent of WEA lectures!)
What Lewes really doesn’t need is… Councillors who serve themselves and not the electors.

Catlin: “Give High Street shoppers an hour’s free parking.”