Shopping - The Kitchen Shop at the Needlemakers

If neon pink microwaves and electric peppermills are not your idea of homey kitchen implements, then you must check out the new kitchen shop in The Needlemakers. The overall feel of Roman Grill (aka Monsieur Cannelle)'s new outlet is French-country-meets-kitchen-boho-chic-meets-Bavarian-woodcutters. On sale is an eclectic range of contemporary and vintage kitchen utensils and furnishings which have been sourced from small outlets and individual artisans across Europe. The textures are terracotta, glass, basket and ironware, which look splendid on top of the needlemakers' original barrow, along with real olive trees. Refreshingly, I found many unusual things I have never seen before: wooden spoons with holes in for draining olives; copper fish moulds; biscuit cutters in the shape of tiny feet and hands; olive wood butter knives; mulled wine ladles. Most of these items were well priced at under £10. The miniature utensils for children (and dolls) are very sweet indeed. I felt overwhelmed with a feeling to put on an unbleached cotton apron and shake flour over my kitchen table.

Absolutely nothing in the shop requires batteries or an electrical source - ideal in a post-nuclear experience. My only criticism is that none of the implements has instructions on how to use it. I mean what is a rolling pin actually for? JW

The Kitchen Shop: weapons of mass concoction
The Old Needlemakers, West St, Lewes
When? 10am – 5.30pm
How Much? Olive wood ladle £14