Photo of the Week - Sue Barnes

We received this rather disturbing and rather beautiful picture from Sue Barnes, a resident artist in the Chalk Gallery, who took it in Southerham Quarry with her Kodak digital camera. “I was sketching in the chalkpit, and was lucky enough to be there at sunset when the light suddenly became magical,” she says. The setting has inspired a rich vein of work for the artist, who has produced a series of paintings on the theme, entitled ‘Ghost Cars’, one of which we used on our front cover a couple of weeks ago. We like the colours: the pinky, peachy skin-colour of the cliffs which is reflected in the puddle, the more bleached grey of the ground rubble, and the blue and rust of the truck chassis that has been abandoned there. There is a post-nuclear feel to the picture, as if man has scarred the beauty of the natural environment, then left. Crucially he has not managed to destroy its beauty, only mar it. It also makes us wonder who dumped the lorry there, and why.

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Beauty and the Beast: the inspiration for Sue Barnes’ Ghost Cars
(see issue 13)