Medieval Day at Lewes Castle

If you head for the castle today, you’ll find the air filled with the sounds and smells of the Middle Ages. The reason, as Dr Sally White, manager of the castle site, explained to us, is that today is Medieval Day, their highlight event. Like last year's highly popular Tudor Day, there will be opportunities for visitors to dress in the clothing and try their hand at the skills of the period. This year’s event will also have displays of food and weaponry from the heyday of Lewes Castle - the period between 1100 and 1450. The more sadistic amongst you can even select a ‘victim’ to be placed for a ‘suitable’ period of punishment in the castle's stocks.

Don’t miss the combat displays, demonstrated today by members of the acclaimed Raven Tor group. This team of re-enactors, perform regularly throughout Sussex and last year won the prestigious “Living History’ award at Herstmonceux Festival. In between fights, other things to do and see include; a showcase of weapons, medieval cooking demonstrations, games to play, quill pens to use and flags to make. The kids, and many of the adults I suspect, will join the long queue to receive a realistic looking wound and bruise - which we are assured, will be applied via non-violent means. But there’s still more because in return for Gift Aiding your entry fee today, you’ll receive an annual pass to the castle - absolutely free. And if you don’t they’ll put you in the stocks… NW

Club Med: relive the Middle Ages at Lewes Castle
Lewes Castle, 169 High St, Lewes
When? 10-4pm
How Much? Adults £4.50; Kids £2.25
Sussex Past
(t) 01273 486290
(w) Website
Raven Tor
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