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Inside Man is a bank heist movie by the New York director Spike Lee. Its four principal actors are Clive Owen, who plays the criminal mastermind who robs a bank then takes 50 hostages who he threatens to kill unless he escorted out of the place; Denzel Washington, who plays the cop who is asked to sort out the mess; Christopher Plummer as the bank owner with a secret to hide; and Jodie Foster as the power broker Plummer hires to sort out everything out. It is a fast-moving thriller full of twists, McGuffins and playful irrelevant interludes. It has been said to be Lee’s best film for a decade.

What makes Inside Man a good film, apart from fine performances from its principal cast, is that you never quite know what is going on. Nobody seems to be doing what is in their best interests. Why doesn’t Owen just take the money and run? What exactly is in the safe deposit box he seems most interested in? What does Plummer have to hide? And exactly who is Jodie Foster? While the movie carries a number of Spike Lee’s trademark devices and themes, you wouldn’t immediately recognise it as one of his films: it’s too smooth, too streamlined, and, well, too Hollywood. Not that it’s perfect: like Hitchcock’s best thrillers, there are holes in the plot of you scratch the surface. Like Hitchcock’s films, though, you end up liking it enough to overlook them. DL

Heist almighty - but nothing is as it seems in Inside Man
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