The Seaford Carnival

Suddenly we’re spoilt for carnivals, with three variations to choose from. One option, Clint Langley’s art exhibition at the Star Gallery is featured on page 15, whilst a second, organised by the Castle Rotary Club will take place in Lewes on June 17th. For today’s fix, take the short journey to Seaford, where the first ever Seaford Carnival is taking place today. As with most Seaford events nowadays, your best bet is to head for the Seafront. The Carnival starts at 11.30am with the Carnival Princess parade along the seafront, from the Buckle Car Park to the Martello Fields. The event itself has an eclectic range of attractions on offer, from quad bikes and a fairground, to dog shows and the ubiquitous glamorous granny competition. If the excitement gets too much for you, you can always retire for a quiet 20 minutes or so in the beer marquee.

So, if you head there thinking of Mardi Gras, with your head full of the sounds and excitement of the Notting Hill Carnival, you’ll be disappointed. On the other hand, if you lower your expectations slightly and plan for a couple of hours of Hi-de-Hi style entertainment and a picnic on the beach, you’ll love it. We also suggest that you head to the nearest burger van to get involved with the true meaning of carnival - a meat-eating feast preceding a fast, derived from the Latin words carne (meat) and vale (farewell). Mine’s a quarter pounder with cheese… NW

Seaford Carnival: the Mardi Gras is greener on the other side
of the Channel (painting by Breugel)
Martello Fields, Seaford
When? 11.30am-5pm
How Much? Donations to Sussex Air Ambulance Fund
Sussex Ambulance
(w) Website