Interview - Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor, principal male speaker for the Green Party, is coming to Lewes tonight to talk about nuclear power.
Can you see any positive aspects to nuclear power? No.
What’s wrong with it? It’s dirty, dangerous and expensive.
Why do you think Blair pushing through a new nuclear programme, then? Blair is obsessed with ‘push-button’ solutions. Look at the way he’s dealing with the waste mountain - by pushing a button and burning it, rather than reducing, reusing and recycling. Just the same with energy – making more billions for the private sector, all underwritten by the taxpayer.
What alternatives do you think are worth investing in? The government’s Energy Efficiency Panel recognise energy efficiency is the key to reducing UK energy need by 30% within twenty years. That, coupled with diverting the money away from nuclear into wind, solar, wave and biomass energy will more than make up the shortfall from closed nuclear stations, at a greater carbon saving too.
Your talk will include a film about Chernobyl - do you think that this sort of accident is likely to happen in this country? Look at Buncefield oil depot fire - they said it wouldn’t happen there either…
Can anything realistically be done to make people change their energy-hungry lifestyles in order to reduce demand? If the whole world consumed the resources like UK residents we’d need three planets! We CAN live more sustainably, with minimal impacts on our lifestyle.

Nuclear fall-out: Keith Taylor disagrees with Blair on nuclear power
Lewes Town Hall Lecture Room
When? 7.30pm
How Much? Free
We asked PM Tony Blair to write a response to this interview, but he was unavailable for comment.