Barcelona football club announced last month that, despite the fact that they could earn tens of millions of pounds for shirt sponsorship every season, they would continue next term with their policy of not using their players’ chest space as an advertising spot for another company. Here at Viva Lewes, we are not in the sort of financial situation that allows us to continue bringing you a weekly magazine without some financial backing. From the start of the project, back in January, we have been waiting for a good time to open up negotiations with sponsors and advertisers so we can continue to improve and develop this weekly guide to Lewes. We wanted to establish our voice before we advertising: we wanted potential advertisers to know exactly what sort of animal we were. We have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly word about our web-magazine has spread around the town and the neighbouring area; we are delighted with our ever-increasing hit-rate. And so we would like to welcome our first issue sponsor, Herbert Scott Financial Management, to our pages. In doing so we make a commitment to our readers that we will not change the way we do things, just as Barcelona FC (if they ever did carry a shirt sponsor) would not consider subsequently changing their exciting brand of free-flowing football. Enjoy the week.

Cover: Cuban son band Los Fakires at the All Saints on Saturday
Above: Nice window… but where is it?
Last week’s answer: Harvey’s Brewery, Cliffe High St.