Half–Term Trip - The Pells Pool

Like most first time visitors to the Pells Pool, my first question last year was “How cold is it?” Psychologically bad question that one, because having been told it was “about 61 degrees” it then took me ten minutes to fully submerge myself in the Pells Pool. First I dipped in my toe, and then I slowly lowered myself in, gradually getting more and more of my body wet before finally putting my head under. By this stage, I was so cold that I could barely swim a length before retiring for a coffee. This year I tried Plan B. Plan B is much simpler; and involves arriving in your swimming gear, diving straight in and swimming ten lengths before retiring for a coffee. At this stage, I enquired of the temperature and was told “about 61 degrees I think”.

So it’s cold. Of course it’s cold, it’s an outside pool! It’s also a fantastic facility right smack in the centre of your town. You can swim, your kids can play, and the toddlers can paddle in spring water pumped daily in to the pool from its own underground source. You can also sunbathe, have a picnic at the tables and generally feel smug that your financial contribution is helping to keep the oldest lido in England alive. It’s glorious - buy a season ticket. NW

For whom the Pells Pool? Not the faint hearted
Brook St, Lewes
When? 12 noon - 7pm daily (weather permitting)
How Much? £3.80 Adults; £2 Kids £63 season ticket
(t) 01273 472334
(w) Website