Asparagus - A poem in celebration of the
Lewes Farmers’ Market by Miriam Darlington

Wash each stem
with special attention
to the tip:

steam for a short time;
press lightly; it should give
a little.

Enjoy straight away; dip
the spears in melted butter
or fresh aioli,

a few savage twists
of black pepper;
crush salt, chill white wine:

seeing it for the first time,
tasting it makes grown men want
to leap up, together or alone, dance

flagrantly; spiral, waltz, pirouette
until they're dizzy, out of control.

Spears of destiny: asparagus sends men wild
Cliffe Precinct
When? First Saturday of the month (9am and 1pm)
How Much? Free
Lewes Farmers' Market
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