This week’s photo of the week comes from Ben Whitehead, of the Chalk Gallery. “Ever since the day I went over the Balcombe Viaduct I knew I had to see it up close and personal,” he says. “The few seconds on the train was never enough, it annoyed me that I couldn't touch it or look up at its immense legs thundering across the valley. The view from the train is one of England's finest and surely typifies the quintessential artistic image of the south of England while somehow transporting you into Thomas the Tank Engine Land. I guess to me the sheer scale and beautiful curves of the supporting structure are the most dramatic part of the viaduct hence the images I took. It was almost impossible to capture the immensity of the entire thing in just one image and any photos with modern trains in just seemed wrong.”
Ben is the featured artist in the Chalk Gallery from June 5th. We will be reviewing the exhibition in next week’s issue.

Tunnel Vision: Ben Whitehead’s Balcombe Viaduct