Poker Nights

Texas Hold'em poker has become a worryingly widespread craze in the USA over the last few years, and now it’s getting big over here. The Rainbow have just signed up to host weekly poker nights with the APPL(E) (Amateur Poker Players’ League) and will be hosting weekly sessions on a Tuesday night from today. The word ‘amateur’ is important here, APPL(E) take pains to stress that players play for points, not money: get enough points and you can play at a higher level against players from different leagues.

The rules are different from traditional poker in that each player is dealt two cards face down and has to make up a five card hand using a combination of those and/or up to five cards which are laid down, face up on the table. There are four opportunities to place a bet: when they are dealt their ‘blind’ cards, after three ‘community’ cards are laid on the table, then twice more on the addition of a subsequent face-up ‘community’ card. As in other forms of poker players can fold, cover or raise when they see fit, and the royal flush is the best hand to have. Players pay £5 at the beginning of the night: this pays for two sessions (7 to 9 and 9.15 to 11.30), and includes a buffet meal in between. Starters are invited to turn up at 6pm to be taught the rules. You must be over 18 and bring photographic ID to register. But be warned: poker can be addictive. AG

Texas Hold’em: a card day’s night at the Rainbow
The Rainbow, High St, Lewes
When? 6pm beginners’ lessons; 7pm play
How Much? £5 including buffet dinner
(t) 01273 472170
(w) Website