After the wettest and most miserable May on record the sun comes out and we’re promised a blistering June. Just in time for the World Cup, a festival of football that will keep many of us indoors for much of the next five weeks. The prospect of the four-yearly tournament is a daunting one for some, and a vision of heaven for others. Angola v Portugal! Holland v Serbia! Mexico v Iran! England v Paraguay! You may notice, if you are reading this before the beginning of the tournament, that, apart from our cover, we make very little reference to the world’s biggest sporting event. This is because we are busy preparing a special World Cup supplement, which will be sent to subscribers on Friday, day one of the tournament. Non-subscribers will be able to link into it from Friday from the webmag. In this supplement, as well as getting our team of writers to give their take on the World Cup, we’ve been round every bar in Lewes to find out what (if anything) they are going to do to cater for the hordes of fans wanting to watch the football in a convivial situation. Some are pushing the boat out with big screens, special menus and drinks to suit the occasion: others are ignoring it completely. One pub is even taking its TV away. Whatever you think of the World Cup, we would like you to consider taking a picture of your take on it and sending it to us We will be publishing the best shots, and if the standard is good enough, exhibiting at the Star Gallery after the tournament is finished, and Lewes gets back to normal again. Enjoy the week.

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