Cinema - Confetti

Confetti is a British comedy about three couples vying for their wedding to win a monthly magazine’s competition for ‘most original wedding of the year’. The prize is a house for them to live in. It is a ‘mockumentary’ directed by Debbie Issett which strives to tap into the vibe created by US director Christopher Guest in such movies as This is Spinal Tap and Best in Show. One couple (Martin ‘Tim’ Freeman and Jessica ‘Spaced’ Stevenson) want to star in a musical wedding despite a complete lack of musical ability. “I’d be a pretty good singer,” admits Stevenson, “If I wasn’t completely tone deaf.” Another couple, nudists Robert Webb and Olivia Coleman, decide on a naturist wedding. A third pair, Meridith MacNeill and Stephen Mangan believe a tennis-themed ceremony will win them the prize. The supporting cast include Felicity Montagu (Lynn from Alan Partridge) as the magazine’s harassed editor, and Jimmy Carr as its slimeball owner. “Not everyone wants their special day ruined by a gimmick,” he says. “But some people do.”

The film was almost completely improvised by its actors, and this is evident from the hit-and-miss nature of its comedy. While not in the same league as Guest’s movies, it does have its laugh-out-loud moments: while the outcome of the competition is pretty much telegraphed from the start, you do end up feeling the right couple win. It’s a feel-gooder then, an unashamed attempt to further convince American viewers of the ‘zany’ nature of British comedy. DL

Better dead than wed: Confetti takes themed marriages to an extreme
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