Theatre - Henceforward

Alan Ayckbourn’s Henceforward is a social comedy set in a distopic future ‘sometime soon’. It takes place in the flat of a composer called Jerome who makes his music from sampling everyday sounds. Jerome is living in a bit of a dodgy neighbourhood: he is essentially barricaded into his home by the local gang. Jerome has had composer’s block since his wife left him some years before the play starts. He is kept company by an android servant called Nan, who occasionally malfunctions: the company that made her has gone bust, and she cannot be repaired. The plot gets moving when his wife announces that his estranged daughter is coming to stay with him. Worried that she will be put off him by his bachelor lifestyle he programmes the robot to pretend it is his fiancée.

Ayckbourn has said his play is about the problems artists inevitably have trying to keep a distance between their emotional and creative lives. “Is it possible to be an artist and still live a normal life, still have normal relationships?” he says. “The deeper those relationships go, the more you are liable to use them in your work, simply because they're there and feature very strongly in the centre of your life. It's rather like making love to your wife and then showing the snapshots round the bar afterwards, saying, 'This is what she's like, fellas.”

The farce show: but there are dark themes underlying
Ayckbourn’s comedy
Lewes Little Theatre
When? 7.45pm
How Much? £7 (plus £5 annual membership fee)
Lewes Little Theatre
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