Folk - Martin Carthy

Martin Carthy is generally regarded as the most important folk singer of his generation, who has been hugely influential on the modern folk scene since its infancy in the 1950’s. Bob Dylan and Paul Simon both owe a lot to the Hatfield-born singer, who has, through his music, continually challenged preconceived notions about English identity and the nature of folk music. Carthy, who plays at the Lewes Arms Folk Club tonight, won two awards in last year’s prestigious BBC Folk Awards ceremony, ‘Best Folk Singer of the Year,’ as well as ‘Best Traditional Track’ for his Famous Flower of Serving Men from his Waiting for Angels LP.

“For four decades,” gushed the BBC panel, “Martin Carthy's work has immeasurably enriched the British folk heritage. He is regarded as one of the finest singers and interpreters of traditional music of the British Isles, as well as a highly influential and much-imitated guitarist. Awarded the MBE for services to English folk music in 1998, his drive and enthusiasm are undiminished and he continues to be one of folk music's great innovators.” Carthy often plays with his wife Norma Waterson and his daughter Eliza Carthy, but tonight he is playing solo: many think this is the best way to see him, so you can appreciate all the more his fine voice and his distinctive and strongly percussive picking style. Our favourite recent Carthy track, which demonstrates his bravado on the guitar, is his version of the ‘Harry Lime’ theme from Waiting for Angels (listen) AL

Cor Blighty: Martin Carthy challenges preconceptions
about English identity
Lewes Arms, Lewes
When? 8pm
How Much? £6
Martin Carthy
(t) 01273 476757
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