Dave Benson-Phillips at Drusillas

I must be getting old. Not only do policemen look incredibly young to me nowadays, but I’ve also discovered that I no longer recognise Britain’s ‘most popular and well-loved children’s TV presenters’. Apparently Dave Benson-Phillips has been entertaining kids on terrestrial and satellite TV for the past 25 years, and is extremely well-known for his work alongside ‘Little Alex’ Lovell on the award winning Disney Playhouse. He is also a veteran of the BBC’s Playdays and Get Your Own Back. Sadly, I’m unaware of his work, but apparently anyone between three and thirty is highly likely to be a fan. Anyway, Dave likes Drusillas, and Drusillas certainly likes Dave, because last year he became one of the first celebrities to be inducted in to their ‘Children’s Walk of Fame’. Expect excited children, expect foot stamping, expect frantic jumping: we also predict a whole load of singing.

As well as Dave, there will of course also be the regular Drusillas attractions and play areas to keep your kids amused. Younger kids love the farmyard and various feeding times, whilst the older ones will gravitate to the ever-expanding play areas. One more tip; the weather is allegedly staying hot for the weekend, so pack your swimming gear and take advantage of the Explorers Lagoon – their outdoor paddling pool and relaxation zone. NW

A family of meerkat watch the funny children at Drusillas
Alfriston (just off A27)
When? Admissions 10am - 5pm
How Much? Adult £11.50; Kids £10.50
Drusillas Park
(t) 01323 874100
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