That’s your lot then, as we prove that there’s life in Lewes, even when the World Cup’s on. This week we would like to offer our profound thanks to the following people for their invaluable help: Ben Whitehead, Francesca Collin, Martin Leamon, Jules Rimet, Jane Orchard, Celia Berridge, David Edy, Karen Gibson, Sam Walker, David Burke, Katy Rowland, Rob Webber, and the Turning Green mob.

This week’s contributors were: Sophie Clarke, Katie Moorman, Christian Thompson, Jessica Wood, Dexter Lee, Antonia Gabassi, Nick Williams, Dave Wilson and Alex Leith.

Next week’s highlights include
Thurs 15th: The Jaleo Flamenco Dance Group rat-a-tat their stuff at the Gardners
Thurs 15th: An appreciation of Arthur Miller at the Town Hall
Friday 16th: Tongue and Groove retro ball at the All Saints
Sat 17th: George Clooney produces and directs the political thriller Syriana, on at the Gardners

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Feel the Duende at the Gardners next week with the
Flamenco Jaleo group